8Silent Symptoms of Colon Cancer You Might Be Missing


Colon cancer is a type of cancer located at the lower end of the digestive tract. Early cases of colon cancer can start as non-cancerous polyps. Colon cancer has several symptoms and warning signs. Knowing the early warning signs will help you commence colon cancer treatment on time.

The major aims of the colon cancer awareness are to sensitize the people about the dangers of this disease, how to prevent the disease and some common signs to look out for to know when to see the doctor for proper diagnosis and medical attention.

As part of our effort to help spread the colon cancer awareness and get you informed, we have compiled 8 early signs of colon cancer you should know and what to do when in doubt. Let’s see these early signs of colorectal cancer .

Here are 8 Of The Most Common Early Signs of Colon Cancer in Adults :

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