9 Signs That Show You Are Consuming Too Much Sugar


Your health is your greatest gift. Being healthy is like having a fortune, that’s why you have to protect it and take care of it like it’s a precious diamond.

Having a healthy body is having a happy mind and eventually having a happy life.

A lot of people consume big amounts of sugar daily, which is dangerous and harm their health, but they may not even be aware of it.

However, the amount of sugar a person should consume varies, depending on their age, sex, and health status.

One gram of sugar contains about 4 calories, many people consume almost 270 calories per day from added sugar alone.

The calories coming from sugar are described as “empty calories” because they do not provide any vitamins and nutrients that benefit the health.

What you should know is eating too much sugar is so dangerous and can increase the risk of falling in many health problems, including weight gain, obesityhigh blood pressuretype 2 diabetesheart disease, tooth decay and other.

Here are 9 Signs That Show You Are Consuming Too Much Sugar.

1. Endless Hunger.

You’ve just had lunch but you’re craving for more food? The cause is that you probably have consumed high amount of sugar.

And that’s a real problem because the high blood sugar prevents Glucose from entering cells. As a result, your body doesn’t receive energy and asks for more food.

What you need to do is to cut off creamy and sweet desserts, carbonated drinks, and try to avoid putting sugar in your tea, juice or coffee.

And eventually you will see the results.

2. Weight Loss.

You can lose weight within a short period of time if the level of glucose is high.

The main reason for this is that fluid loss leads to a low fluid level in your body and in result to weight loss.


The second reason is that if the insulin level is insufficient for glucose metabolism, and finally a large amount of urine at a high level of glucose makes the body spend a lot of calories.

3. Dehydrated Skin.

Have someone ever told you that dry skin connects with high blood sugar levels?

Well that’s because excessive urination dehydrates your body to such an extent that the skin begins to dry.

4. Losing Concentration.

We all know the phrase of that our brains need sugar for better concentration and focus.

However, high sugar levels prevent glucose from entering the brain cells, so the brain experiences difficulties obtaining energy.

It affects the speed of thinking and decision-making.

5. Unclear and blurred vision.

High sugar level can also make your vision unclear, because it affect the cells of the eyes.

And as a result they deform, and the eye loses its ability to focus properly.

6. Fatigue.

Do you have this feeling? You haven’t woken up yet, but you already feel tired. There’s a simple explanation for this. At high sugar level, your body can’t store and absorb glucose properly.

Energy is used inefficiently and body cells don’t receive the fuel they need. That’s why you often feel tired for no reason.

If you can’t cut off sugar all at once, you can replace it by using natural honey.

7. Mood changes.

Consuming high amounts of sugar can make you a moody person because it affects your emotions.

High blood sugar can cause mood swings and leave you feeling crabby. In addition to that, if your energy is also tanking, that just contributes to a bad attitude.

8. Weight gain.

Well sugar does not cause weight gain, but rather the overconsumption of calories does. Sugar is a carbohydrate. Too many carbs can lead to weight gain mainly due to extra calories in the diet.

Watch your sugar intake whether it comes from sweets, candy, potatoes, breads and rice. Sugar consumption and especially forms without fiber can lead to blood sugar swings and make you crave for more carbohydrates, and therefore you gain weight

9. Sweets don’t taste the same.

You always eating sweets to the extent that you don’t enjoy them anymore.

When you eat sugar all the time, your taste buds need more sugar to feel like something is the right sweetness.

Your whole sense of taste is off kilter since all that excess sugar is dulling your palate.

So, what should normally be or taste sweet, doesn’t anymore.

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