10 Reasons why you are not losing weight


Gaining weight after menopause is common among women over 40 years old. Is menopause the only reason why women gain weight after passing 50 years old ?

The end of menopause triggers the stop of the female hormones, women become the same as men in term of the adipose tissue. Before the menopause, women have a distribution of feminine fats, especially around the thighs and buttocks.

The change of morphology is often confused with weight gain for the menopausal women.

However, most of the time weight gain is really there due to several factors. The hormonal changes, in other words the fall of estrogen and progesterone, is one of the main factors.

Is hormonal changes is the only reason ?

The change of hormones is not the only factor, there are a lot of other causes such as the lack of sports activity, psychological factors that changes the dietary behavior. As a result, the weight can rapidly raise beyond 5 kg.

If you want to know more about weight gain, here are 10 reasons why women gain weight after 40.

1. Hormonal Imbalance

As mentioned before, hormonal change is one of the main reasons why women gain weight. The decrease of production of estrogen leads to fat retaining by the body to remain in hormonal balance. This stage is called peri-menopause, and it’s usually characterized by weight gain.

2. Reduced levels of Progesterone

The production of progesterone decreases at the beginning of menopause. The reduce of levels of progesterone doesn’t cause you to gain fat, but they cause bloating and water retention which increases your weight. If you gained weight more than expected, don’t think you are becoming fat, because the causes are water retention and bloating.

3. Increased appetite.

With the changes in your hormones level, your appetite and hunger increase. You will notice that you eat more than usual , in other words overeating, leads you gain weight.

4. Aging.

Aging is one of the natural factors that increases weight.  The more you age, the slower your metabolism becomes. Your body will burn less calories than before, and the unwanted food will be accumulated around your waist. You will know it by the jelly belly you will have.

5. Insulin resistance.

Crossing the age of 40, demands avoiding white sugar and processed food as much as possible, because your body cells will resist insulin more than ever. Therefore, your body will store fat which results weight gain. Consuming sugar has also some other side effect like type 2 diabetes .

6. Stress.

Worrying about the personal and professional life, is common among women who pass the age of 40. Women at this age worry about their kids, retirement, health problems which increase the level of stress in your body. Stress cause your adrenal glands to produces cortisol to decrease the stress. Though cortisol decrease stress, it prevents weight loss. So, it is recommended to cope with stress with different ways.

7. Body composition.

The fact of being a woman is one of the the reasons why you are gaining weight rapidly, especially after the age of 40. Women who are close to menopause lose a lot of muscle mass while retaining body fat. He more you lose muscle mass, the more your metabolism slows, which increases your body fat. You won’t notice the difference in your weight though.

8. Lack of physical activity

As women age, they don’t do physical activities with high intensity, which will not help them to burn calories and reduce body fat. Lower intensity physical activities don’t make a difference, and your body will remain the same.

9. Poor Eating habits.

Women who cross the age of 40 are overwhelmed with managing different aspects of life. However, their health and body doesn’t become a priority, which can lead to skipping meals, not paying attention to what they eat. At that time, bad habits kick in, overeating and high sugar consumption, which add more weight than normal.

10. Medications.

Dealing with health problems is also an important factor. As women age, they have to take medications and follow the doctor’s instructions. Some medications can cause people to put on weight such as anti-depressants  and corticosteroids.

Not losing weight can be caused by different factors. Some of them are natural while the other are caused by the individual. It is recommended to follow good habits to remain in a healthy state.


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